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about a little story? The Bride With A Bellyache.

Just before the wedding was about to begin, the stomach pains started. No one knew earlier, hungry with nerves, she'd gone down to the reception hall and devoured an entire layer of her wedding cake. It tasted so good and Barbi hoped no one would even notice. So the four layer cake now just had three. The rich buttercream icing was so sweet, so good. She loved the rich vanilla cake too. The cupcakes they'd bought for kids and for extra were chocolate though, each with a center of pure cream. She ate four of those too.

Cake made her thirsty so she drank down a liter bottle of her favorite soda too. The tacos she'd eaten at lunch protested all the sweets dumped on top and by the time she headed upstairs to dress, Barbi had quite a tummy ache. Too full, her tummy ached and twisted with a cramp or two. She figured it would go away but after she put on her lovely gown, her stomach hurt even more.

Her abdomen hurt from just under her breasts to her panty line with a lot of gas pains, a little bloating and just hurting. The dress fit tighter against her belly than usual and it made it hurt even more.

"Oh, my gosh," Barbi said to her mom. She put one hand on her tummy and rubbed.

"What's wrong, dear?"

"I've got a tummyache!" she wailed.
"Just your nerves, that's all."
"I don't think so."

Everyone lined up and she heard the music in the church hall start. Barbi sat down and held her belly, the pain growing. Her bloated stomach pushed out against the dress and the pain got worse.
Cramps knifed through her tummy from all the sweets and the tacos left their own little kick, a burning pain.

her dad stuck his head into the room. "It's time."
A terrible pain bent her double and she said, "I can't. I've got a really bad bellyache." She put both hands on her belly and moaned. Her dad, a doctor, frowned. "Maybe you should go to the ER," he said.

"I think I ate too much," she told him.
"What did you eat?"
"Tacos," she said but she didn't tell about the cake. More stomach pains shot through her and the wedding was postphoned. WIthin minutes, an ambulance arrived to take her to the hospital and Barbie rode the gurney past all her guests, writhing with a terrible bellyache, hands rubbing and pressing on it. Her groom stared and shook his head.

"I never knew she had belly problems," he told the best man.
Barbie spent her wedding night in the hospital nursing her terrible tummyache

She liked Chinese but not at the new restaurant. Their food tasted greasy and awful and when she ate it it lay in her stomach like rocks.  But her boyfriend liked it so she agreed to go there.

She began with a plate of orange chicken, beef and broccoli, shrimp kung pao, two egg rolls, and some catfish.
Her second trip - when her stomach already felt a little twinge of indigestion - she got pork kung pao, pot stickers, mushrooms, chicken chop suey, cashew chicken, seafood delight, fried shrimp, more catfish, french fries, salad, and general tso chicken.

After that plate, her tummy hurt, heavy and dull.  Her boyfriend asked if she was getting more and she said, "I don't know." she rubbed her belly. "My stomach's hurting already."

He insisted so she got some more shrimp, more beef and mushrooms, and three egg rolls.

By the time she finsiehd, her belly felt hard to the touch and bloated over her pants.  He brought her a huge bowl of ice cream.
"Oh, my belly hurts now" she said. "I can't eat that." But she did.

She sat at the table with a bellyache, a big one.  She rubbed her aching belly in big circles with her right hand, gas pains shooting through her abdomen along with the ache.  "My belly really hurts" she moaned.  Just then a sharper series of cramps bent her double over her hurting stomach and she moaned again, louder.

Belly ache Her bellyache lasted long into the evening.  Back at home, she lay on her back, bloated belly pushed up and rubbed it.  She moaned and her boyfriend rubbed it for awhile.  The pain lasted a long time and even when she woke the next day, her tummy wasn't quite right yet.

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Olive Garden - Oh, My Belly!

One of the worst bellyaches I have ever experienced happened after eating at an Olive Garden so that was my inspiration for this tale of a troubled belly!

To celebrate her engagement, Aimee decided that she and a few friends would go out for lunch at Olive Garden, always a favorite place.   She and Cheri and their friend Mandi all gathered at Olive Garden where Aimee ordered her favorite:  Seafood ALfredo.  Of course it came with the garden salad and the breadsticks.   Because she was starving, she ate three bowls of salad and more breadsticks than she could count.   By the time her platter of Seafood Alfredo, creamy, rich, and filling, arrived, she was already feeling almost full and she had a few slight twinges of indigestion.  Onions and tomatoes often hurt her tummy anyway and she had eaten several of both.   Still,  it was just a twinge or two, a slight full feeling so she carried on.

The seafood alfredo was wonderful, very tasty and she managed to eat the entire large plate of it along with a few more breadsticks and several glasses of soda.

About halfway through, her tummy began to swell and her pants felt too tight.

A dull ache began to creep across her stomach area and at one point, she paused, put a hand over her tummy and said,

"I think I'm eating too much."

Her friends both laughed but Mandi said,

"I already have a tummy ache but it's too good to quit eating!"

When the plate was clean, Aimee leaned back and slipped a hand beneath her shirt.  Her belly felt much bigger and also hard although she could feel movement within.  She gave her tummy a quick back and forth rub but it didn't help.

In fact, a wave of sharper pain suddenly filled her abdomen along with a swelling flatulence.

She made a small moan and grinned.

"Oh, my tummy!  I really did eat way too much.  Now my stomach hurts."

"Mine hurts too." CHeri said.  "But I don't care.  I want dessert."

Mandi rubbed her stomach with a circular motion.  "I don't.   My belly hurts too much.   I really have a belly ache now."

So did Aimee but when they looked at the dessert menu, she wanted the Black Tie Mousse cake, three layers of cake, cheesecake, and mousse.  

Her belly ached but she ordered it anyway and when it came, she ate it, savoring each bite although in between she complained about her stomach.

"Oh, gosh, my tummy hurts." She said, and then halfway through.  "I've got a terrible stomachache right now."

She paused to put both hands over her hurting stomach and made a face.  It really did hurt, sharp pain that filled up her tummy but she thought it would pass soon.

She was wrong.

By the time she finished the dessert, her belly had begun to cramp hard.  She also had a terrible full pain that hurt but the cramps knifed her hard.

"OHHHHHH" She moaned, bending over her stomach as she still sat at the table.  "I have a killer bellyache."



A Mexican Based Bellyache


Sharon adored Mexican food even if too many tacos gave her the occasional tummy ache or burritos brought on belly pain.   It was her one weakness. She could give up ice cream treats, cakes, cookies, and even chocolate if she could just have her Mexican food. Add a little spice and heat to food and it was heaven…..at least until it settled deep into her belly and became hell.

Despite the frequent digestive disruptions caused by her passion, Sharon still ate Mexican at least once a week.   If it left her curled up on the couch clutching an aching abdomen, so be it.   If the tummy pains were too bad, she missed work or stayed home from church but she wouldn’t give up on her Mexican food.


So when her new boyfriend, Diego, a black haired, black eyed hunk, offered to take her to the Casa Ole to try out their new Mexican buffet, Sharon was delighted.   To prepare for the ultimate experience in all-you-can-eat Mexican foods, she skipped breakfast, drank a Diet Coke for lunch, and ate nothing more until they arrived at Casa Ole about six thirty one evening.

Her tummy rumbled with hunger and as she inhaled the delicious aromas floating around the restaurant, she knew she would enjoy the meal so very, very much.

They began with the traditional chips and salsa.   But after a few nibbles at the chips dipped in the spicy salsa, Sharon was ready to tackle the buffet.   With plate in hand, she approached to gaze at a feast fit for a Mexican king.

The buffet table steamed with rich aromas. Huge burritos stuffed with both beef and beans, chicken enchiladas with verde sauce, tamales, quesadillas, carnitas, Spanish rice, refried beans, fajitas, tacquitos, everything. Build your own tacos, make your own enchiladas or burritos, or nachos.   It was all there.

Licking her lips, she loaded up her first plate with burritos smothering them with chili, cheese, red sauce, guacamole, and onions.   She built two tacos, added a chicken enchilada and a quesadilla, then headed back to devour it, savoring each bite, washing most down with a handful of chips dipped in the potent salsa.

Already feeling a bit full, she returned for a second plate heaped with tacquitos, refried beans, tamales, and several enchiladas.   By the time she finished it, her belly was pushing against her now tight jeans and she felt a little uncomfortable.

Still, she managed to go back for a platter of nachos, adding everything available to the chips and then finishing off with two sopapillas drenched with honey.

Diego watched her devour the food with interest but by the time she finished, his expression had changed.

She chugged down the last of her Diet Pepsi and groaned, putting her right hand over her obviously swollen belly.

“Are you all right?” Diego asked.

She wasn’t. That uncomfortably full feeling had expanded until her stomach really ached, too full and flatulent.   The salsa had begun to burn more than a little and the combined foods had begun to churn.   What began as being overfull with a little mild indigestion had become a full blown tummy ache.

Cramping pains began to shoot through her tummy as she answered,

“I don’t think so. My tummy’s getting back at me for eating so much.”

“Oh, dolar m de estomago.” he said.

She knew the word for stomachache in any language and nodded.

“Si.” she said, “ Me duele el estomago.”

That was about the limit of her Spanish for “my stomach is killing me” or “I have a killer bellyache” but her pain was growing and she knew she wouldn’t need language to explain how she felt.

As he paid the bill, a sharp pain suddenly rocketed through her full belly and she bent double, grasping her stomach with the pain.

“Ate too much, did you?” A little old lady said with a grin, like you got what you deserved.

“I guess.” Sharon said, “My stomach really hurts.”

By the time that they got to his truck, her tummy was screaming. It was no longer just a tummyache or even a stomachache but what she called a “bad bellyache.” It might be just words but to her, a bellyache was the worst, the most total pain.

A bellyache combined a bloated, stuffed, too full feeling with actual cramping and aching.   She even had the burning pains from the salsa so everything from her breasts to her groin hurt.   It didn’t just hurt; it felt like someone had driven a huge knife into her stomach area and was twisting it hard.

Or, when the cramps kicked up, she felt like a huge snake was twisted about her mid-section, squeezing.

I know it's an all-American holiday but I think Thanksgiving probably ranks as the biggest day of the year for tummy troubles since most people stuff their bellies to the max.  I mean you see tv commercials focus on the idea that people will eat till they hurt so I often have some Thanksgiving Day Bellyache fantasies too.

It’s an unwritten rule that everyone must overeat on Thanksgiving Day.  Why?  Are we deprived the other 364 days of the year?  Is it that we must wait another year before we can eat turkey, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie?  You would think that there was a reward for the person who could retire to the couch with the biggest belly ache.

I mean you see things like "Everyone gets a big stomach ache on Thanksgiving!",  and this "Thursday night we went to my cousin's house and eat turkey. I ate so much turkey that my stomach hurt all night"

It's better than Halloween 'cause those too much candy tummyaches never last long enough.

After the big meal, people lay around on couches clutching their stuffed stomachs, complaining that their stomach hurts or recline in recliners nursing a big bellyache or rub their tummies with tummyache or take antacids for indigestion or belch with horrible gas pains.

So such ideas in my head are the inspiration for this story......The Bigget Bellyache of Them All.....

It began with biscuits and gravy, three orders from a fast food restaurant.  Before Kayla could make the drive over the river and through the woods (and over the freeways) to go home for Thanksgiving, she had to have food and she was hungry.   So she wolfed down multiple orders of greasy, rich, fattening biscuits and gravy, washing them all down with a large Diet Coke.

As she pulled away from the Golden Arches, she felt full, full enough that she reached down and unbuttoned her jeans a little.

Then she hit the freeway, driving in more traffic than she expected, which made her tense and nervous.   Combine tense and nervous with a full gut and the answer comes up tummy ache.

By the time she hit the first clover leaf, her tummy hurt.   WIth one hand on the wheel, she reached beneath her favorite sweater so that she could rub her tummy with a back and forth movement. leaning forward into her hand to ease the pain.

"Oh, my tummy hurts!" she moaned aloud.  "Oh my gosh.  I hope I feel better before dinner or I'll get really sick to my stomach."


At the next rest area, she pulled in, clutching her tummy and went to pee.   Inside the stall she clutched at her stomach, putting both hands over it.   She found a roll of Tums in her purse and gobbled them down, chewing them for faster relief.    Her tummy was tight and hurt so she took a few minutes, stretched out in the front seat and rubbed her tummy.


Sorry it's been awhile but here's a story that my friends are sure to love.   Hope it makes your belly hurt as bad as Sammi's!!!!!!!!!!


Breakfast Buffet Belly Pains


            Eating out at breakfast was a rare treat for Sammi so she decided to forgo the sausage biscuits for a full-blown breakfast buffet at a local chain restaurant.   After talking her boyfriend, Todd, into taking her out for breakfast, the pair headed for the restaurant.    Sammi was super hungry, having fasted the night before just so she could see how much she could eat from the breakfast spread.

            The buffet held everything.   Three kinds of muffins, coffee cake, pancakes, waffles, biscuits, bagels, English muffins, toast, bacon, sausage in both links and patties, Canadian bacon, ham, scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, sausage gravy, donuts, cupcakes, fresh fruits of almost every kind, pudding, chicken tenders, hash browns, cheeses, cheese sauce, breakfast casserole, quiche, pastries, crepes, and more.

            Feeling like an absolute pig, Sammi filled her first plate with two biscuits covered with sausage gravy, six sausage links, six bacon strips, scrambled eggs, two chicken tenders and two donuts.

            By the she wolfed all that down, her stomach felt a little full but she wanted more.  This time, she piled on pancakes (with melted butter and syrup), ham slices, hash browns with gravy, and a banana.

            Todd watched in awe as she ate and after the second plate said, “You’re going to get a tummy ache if you don’t watch out.”

             She knew she was but she didn’t care and told him so.  “I’m going back for my dessert now.”

            She chose an apple pastry, a cheese Danish, and a streusel muffin, then added two chocolate frosted donuts and more sausage.

            Of course she washed it down with multiple cups of coffee, apple juice, and even milk.

            After the “dessert” plate, her stomach had stretched until her jeans felt too tight.   Her bloated stomach ached because it was so full but as she started to get out of the booth, the sharp pains began to slice through her bloated stomach like knives.    Sammi clutched her stomach with both hands and moaned, sliding back into the booth.

            “Wait!” She cried. “I can’t get up yet.  My stomach hurts!”

            “No wonder” Todd said, with a laugh. “You ate so much.  How bad does it hurt?”

            “Really bad!” she gasped, doubled over.  “Oh, my gosh! I feel stuffed like a teddy bear.  My stomach feels like it’s about to burst open and then I have these pains, cramps twisting through my stomach.   I feel like they’re going to rip me apart.   Help me, Todd, help me.   My stomach hurts so bad!  Oh, my stomach’s killing me.”

            “Should I rub it for you?” He asked, imagining rubbing her bloated, swollen belly.

            “No.” She knew she couldn’t stand to have him touch the center of her agony.  “not now, anyway. Help me get out of here.”

            With difficulty, she got out of the booth and walked toward the door, bent forward with one hand clutching at her hurting belly.   Outside, she had to stop for a moment and double over with a wave of cramps that twisted her intestines like knives.   In the car, she hunched over her sick tummy, moaning slightly as he drove her back to their apartment.  

            Once there, she flopped down on the couch, her swollen belly sticking up and put both hands over it, moaning aloud.

            “Ohhhhhh.   Ohhhhh.  I have the worst bellyache ever!  I ate too much, Todd, and I am sooooo sick!”

            He felt sorry for her, just a little. “Do you want some Mylanta or something?”

            “NO!” she yelled, writhing with pain.  “No way.  I’m going to enjoy this belly buster belly ache all the way.”

            For almost an hour, she moaned and cried aloud, “My tummy, my tummy, my tummy hurts so bad”…..”My stomach’s killing me”…..”Oh, the pain is so, so bad.”….but each time he offered medicine, she said no.    He even, when she had curled up like a sick snail on the couch, rubbing her belly in huge circles, offered to take her to the doctor but she said no.

            By the time she felt better, she was fired up and ready for sex.  Though Todd was worried he might hurt her tender tummy, they had wonderful sex and when they finished,  Sammi wanted more so they ordered three large super supreme pizzas and ate them all.

            Another bellyache was on the way!

Been awhile since I've had time to be online to post about tummy troubles, mine or someone else's!  Loved all the comments from those who share my particular fetish too.

Do you ever listen to people in stores or restaurants or watch to see who may be rubbing their aching tummy?  I confess I do....and here are some of the recent comments I've heard.

One supermarket shopper to another, with one hand flat across an apparently aching tummy:
"Oh, I'm trying to shop but nothing looks good.   I ate so much pizza awhile ago at Pizza Hut that I have a terrible tummyache.   I'm going home and lay down so I can rub my poor tummy."

At McDonald's, teen-age girl with both hands pushed up under her shirt clutching at her tummy.
"Oh, God, my stomach hurts!  I don't know why I even eat here - I get stomach pains every time I do!"

It's been awhile since I've logged on but I haven't lost my lust for severe stomach aches and other digestive pains.

I'm hoping to make some friends who share my weird interest and locate links to sites that cater to freaks like me!

Here's  a few summer theme belly achers to ponder

Barbecued Bellyache
Banana Split Bad Bellyache
Strawberry Shortcake Stomachache
Too many tacos tummyache


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Quotes like this really send me and turn me on.   I like to imagine someone stuffing themselves until they are sooooo full that their belly is swollen and is aching so much that they have to groan and moan aloud.    Clutch that hurting belly with both hands or wrap both arms around the distended belly or rub that hurting belly with one hand in a big wide circle or rub it back and forth trying to ease the pain.  Or if the pain, gas, and cramps are bad enough, bend double with that bellyache!

I am one sick chick because this kind of shit turns me on big time!

More moans and groans.....
"I ate too much and got a bellyache!"
"My belly hurts - I ate too much."
"I ate too much at that buffet and now my belly hurts"

Ever watch people at a big buffet restaurant like Barn Hills or Ryan's or Golden Corral?  They load their plates so full that the food almost falls off on their way back to the table and then they cram it down their throat so fast and go back for more.   I have sat and watched people do this full plate thing three and four times!   They eat everything - salad, six pieces of fried chicken, hunks of roast beef, gobs of ham, spaghetti, pizza, mashed potatoes piled up with gravy, hot rolls and then the desserts.

I have seen people load a plate with just desserts - cake, cookies, brownies, pie, ice cream, whatever.   And then they hoover it down.

Give them a few minutes and you start seeing the expressions changed from happy eating out to tummy ache time.   They scoot back their chairs and loosen their pants or rub their belly.

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 As long as I can remember I have been turned on by stomach pains of all kinds.  I don't know where it started or why but as a kid, my Barbie dolls suffered horrible belly aches and by the time I was a teen, I made up stories about people suffering from the worst kind of stomach pains.

I still like to make up stories about people who eat too much or suffer a sudden, awful stomach ache.  I like to read tummy ache stories too, real ones or made up ones.

I know there are some other people out there who like the same things; there was going to be a site for awhile called bowels of fire but I don't think it ever got started up.

Sometimes I just make up kinds of tummy troubles for fun....like this

Too many tacos tummyache
Ate-too-much bellyache
Something made my stomach hurt

If anyone else here likes this same weird stuff, let me know!!!!

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